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The secret planet model

How do you test a feature film or TV series before you risk a multi-million pound budget?
Our revolutionary model says:
by every possible means
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The Secret Planet Production Model

Traditionally, Films, TV shows and plays are a huge risk, because you only know if they're worth spending a large budget on once you've spent it, and can show it to an audience to see if it works.  Our model involves audience-testing before the project is complete, in fact, we do it from the very start. The Secret Planet Model allows production to proceed in testable stages, so that we only spend on the next stage once we know that the first stage is working. 

We know that audiences love to be involved behind the scenes, so we offer our audience participation in the production process itself from the very earliest stage of development. We do this through membership of a subscription website. It features real-time, ongoing "making of" and Q&A videos, photos, and blogs.

This means that:-

-  Audience members can support production and be genuinely involved.
-  We get continuous real-time consumer testing.
-  Production can happen in smaller, testable stages
-  Financial risk is radically reduced
-  We build a loyal audience as we progress
-  We share the magic of production with our audience and move forward together
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