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Can you or your company sponsor this amazing model? "Have you heard about the new film they're making in Wales?". "Heard about it? We're helping to make it" you can reply! If you sponsor this vital model for the progress of the film, we'll deliver it to you when we've finished with it (this will be within a few months), and you can display it in your reception or wherever you like. You also get to name it. Not only will you be contributing hugely to the development of this important film, you'll own a unique piece of film history, handmade by our Head of Costumes and Creatures Amanda Thomas. It will end up being just under a foot long, and will look great in your home, pub, or workplace. Own a piece of Welsh folklore!

You'll also get a thankyou in the online credits: "The Llamhigyn y Dŵr appears courtesy of....". 

Own a Llamhigyn y Dŵr!

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