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Become a member of the Secret Planet Pioneers Society and be a part of the story of the making of Hold Excalibur, The Minister of Chance and all our productions.

You'll get access to all our behind-the-scenes photos, footage, blogs, forums and anything else we can show you. You'll be right in the thick of production, and able to give us your opinion on designs and other parts of the process. You'll get all the news first, as well as discounts and friendly discussions with our lovely members. Not only that, your membership fee (lasts a whole year) will go towards production. Join us!


Please note that you'll get a welcome email within a day of joining to let you know how to get in. If you don't see it, please check your junk folder. Alternatively, go to and create a login, then we'll approve it. 

Website Membership (1 Year)

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