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A Low-Risk Fast-Return Investment Opportunity

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Invest in our powerful and disruptive film & TV incubator model and
the productions we make with it.

£45m predicted profits within 3 years

25% dividend in 2 years & regular dividends

50% tax relief on your investment*

100% Capital Gains Tax relief on your investment*

Loss relief equivalent to your highest rate of income tax*

100% Inheritance tax relief*

IPO within 5-6 years

SEIS and EIS advance assured*

Attend premiere

Visit the set

Appear in the credits

Name a character

Own a prop

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Yes! We have advance assurance under the Small Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). The SEIS scheme was designed by HMRC to encourage new investment in qualifying companies. Recognising that investment in a new venture might carry more risk than established companies, HMRC allows some very generous tax breaks as an incentive.


*Tax benefits only apply to qualifying UK taxpayers.

To get Capital Gains Tax relief you must hold your shares for 3 years and have claimed full tax relief each year.

To get Inheritance tax relief you must hold your shares for 2 years.

Please check your individual tax circumstances to make sure you can take advantage of these benefits.

Do you really get 50% tax relief?

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