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The Secret Planet

The legacy of Emmeline Lock

The Secret Planet is (as far as we know) the Universe's only ultraplanet. It was discovered in 1896 by the explorer Lady Emmeline Lock, using a combination of mechanical, scientific and occult practices. Lady Lock recorded her experiences in her work Journal of a Voyage to the Dark Interior.

Unusually for her era, she was a fierce critic of the British Empire, and sought to protect the fauna and flora of the planet from what she saw as the ravages of imperialist exploitation.

Between 1896 and 1898, she founded the Secret Planet Pioneers Society. A select group of ombranauts (specially-trained scientists and explorers) were encouraged to visit the planet to record and learn from its natural wonders. 

The Society remains active to this day, and offers training in ultrascience, ombranautics and other disciplines. Membership can be purchased below.

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